CLOUDS: TERMS & CONDITIONS :  please scroll to bottom for COVID-19 Protocols & processes


    The contract to rent Clouds is directly between the ‘Hirer’ and the ‘Owners’ via Maggi West acting as ‘Agent’ and is subject to the following Terms & Conditions. The Owners remain throughout responsible for supplying Clouds in the condition as stated and ensuring that any personal information the Hirer may supply in connection with their booking or any matter arising is properly protected as required by the General Data Protection Regulation of 25th May, 2018 and as set out at the foot of this page.


    Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under the age of 25 years, from parties where the majority of members are under 25 years (except families or supervised groups) or from Stag or Hen parties. The number of persons occupying Clouds must not exceed 10 unless by prior arrangement. The Hirer who supplies the Agent with Booking Details by email or other means for the purpose of hiring the property will be responsible for all persons visiting Clouds during their stay and should ensure that they are all aware of the booking conditions. Dogs are welcome but by prior arrangement only and under specific conditions (see clause 10 DOGGY CONDITIONS). The Owners reserve the right to decline any booking or to refuse to hand over a key to any person who is not considered suitable, or who has not complied with the booking conditions.


    An initial option can be placed by telephone which will be shown on the website calendar and held for 4 days then automatically released unless the reservation is secured and confirmed.

    To secure the booking  Maggi West will provide bank details for the transfer of the 30% deposit required to secure the reservation within the 4-day period, which the Hirer is asked to confirm by email once transacted. This must be accompanied by the completed Booking form or contain details confirming the dates of arrival/departure; full contact details of the Hirer and if possible the names –with ages if known, of all guests expected to stay at Clouds during the rental period.  These can be confirmed at a later date, but the number of guests expected to stay at the property during the rental period must be confirmed at the point of booking.

    Booking Confirmation will only be issued upon receipt of the deposit and booking details. By paying the deposit the Hirer confirms that they have read, understood and accepted these Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy pertaining to the use and storage of all personal information supplied in connection with the booking.  Balance payment is due 8 weeks before the letting date together with a fully refundable security deposit of £300 and if not already supplied, the list of all persons in the party who will be occupying the property including their names and ages.

    Bookings made within 8 weeks of the letting date must be paid in full, together with the required & refundable security deposit of £300 and a list of all persons who will be occupying the property including their names and ages. Only the hirer and persons named within the booking are authorised to stay at the property.


    Once a booking is confirmed by the Owners it becomes legally binding on both parties to fulfil their obligations and the Hirer is contracted to pay the full cost of the holiday balance and refundable security deposit within the given period. If the booking is cancelled -which must be in writing as a telephone call will not suffice, up to eight weeks prior to the date of arrival the deposit will be forfeit unless the Owners are able to re-let the house, which they will work hard to do on the Hirer's behalf, in which case the deposit will be refunded less any extra associated costs (eg. advertising). If the booking is cancelled within eight weeks of arrival the total cost of the holiday will be payable unless the Owners are able to re-let the house, which they will work hard to do on the Hirer’s behalf in order to return as much of the holiday cost as possible net of costs incurred. The Hirer is recommended to take out insurance against cancellation.

  5. PRICE

    Includes the supply of bed linen, hand & bath towels, bathmats, kitchen linen, a full gas bottle for the barbecue and a basket of firewood during winter months. Electricity, water and the landline telephone are also included unless usage is unusually high. Clouds is equipped with High-Speed Super Fast Broadband & WiFi which may be subject to unforeseen interruption for which the owners will not be liable in any form of damages, compensation or expenses claimed, nor for telephone services not being available or failing during your stay. The importance of effective connectivity is well-understood and the Owners will endeavour by all means to resolve any issues within their control. A cot, high chair, changing table with mat, nappy pails and set of children’s cutlery is available upon request. There may be a hire charge if more than one of each is required, and if the travel cot is used, guests are asked to bring their own cot linen & duvets, or request hire of same.

    Two-week stays include a complimentary in-clean and change of bed linen & towels, for which housekeeping services will arrange a mutually convenient time between 11 am – 4 pm. Additional housekeeping services may be available for an extra charge. Bookings for extra services must be made well ahead of the holiday start and are subject to availability.


    Any alterations to a booking or change in holiday dates by the Hirer will be subject to agreement with the Owners.


    If for any reason beyond the control of the Owners the property is unavailable for example because of flood, fire damage or other circumstance of 'force majeure' at the property, the Owners will offer alternative dates or if not acceptable to the Hirer, a full refund of all monies paid, whereupon the Owners' liability will cease.


    The Hirer agrees that the supervision of children, babies, dogs and any adults requiring care remains their responsibility at all times. The Hirer must ensure that the property is left in good order and clean condition so that it can be properly prepared for the next guests’ arrival within the time available. The Hirer will pay for any breakage, damage or loss however caused excluding reasonable wear and tear incurred during the rental period and this must be reported immediately to Maggi – as also any breakdown which is the responsibility of the Owners to rectify, so that steps may be taken to repair as swiftly as possible.  Please also leave a note of any problems/breakages on departure to ensure that any replacements/repairs can be effected for the next guests during changeover.

    The Hirer agrees not to cause nuisance or annoyance to occupants of nearby properties, including that caused by the Hirer's dogs (see Clause 10 'Dogs') which must be kept under proper control at all times,  and to allow reasonable access to the property by the Owners or their agents if they deem it necessary. Maintenance & housekeeping staff will arrive at approximately 10.00 am. on the date of departure to prepare the house for the next occupants, but if a cleaner is required during the rental period this can be arranged if requested well in advance, charged at local rates. If, in the opinion of the Owners, any person is not suitable to continue their occupation of the property because of unreasonable behaviour, damage or nuisance to other parties, the contract may be rescinded and the Owners may repossess the property immediately. The Hirer will remain liable for the whole cost of the hire and no refund shall be due.
The security of the house is the responsibility of the hirer during the period of their occupation of the property. All doors and windows must be locked whilst the house is unattended and the keys kept secure. There is a fob swipe to set a security alarm if required for additional protection of any personal items left in the house.   In the event of any theft from or damage to the property arising as a consequence of this condition not being complied with, the Owners will hold the Hirer responsible.

    The use of fireworks or outside fires are strictly prohibited at the property or on surrounding land at all times of the year. Smoking is not permitted inside Clouds - the Loggia is ideal for that purpose, and the Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that all cigarette residue or butts are properly disposed of.


    Property and holiday information is provided in the Guest Information folder at the property and guests are advised to read this upon arrival to familiarize themselves with the operation of safety, security, electrical and other equipment.

    Clouds will normally be available for occupation from 4.00 pm on the day of arrival and departure must be by 10.00 am. please. There is only a limited time to prepare Clouds for the next guests, and the Hirer is required to fully vacate the property by this time, ensuring that cars and luggage are removed from the premises to give household staff and any outside services unfettered access to the property. Guests are asked to leave the house in a clean and tidy condition, with rubbish and recycling properly sorted and disposed of as directed.  They are also asked to ensure they have not left any personal belongings behind, and unless otherwise agreed in advance with Maggi West, all perishable foods will be disposed of at the time of changeover.  Non-compliance with these requests may result in a charge being raised against the Security Deposit to cover the cost of extra time required to prepare the house for the next guests.  House keys must be left in the kitchen for disinfecting.   In the event that keys are not left as requested, a charge will be raised against the Security Deposit to cover locksmith costs to change locks and replace keys.

  10. DOGS

    So that it will be possible to continue to welcome dogs to Clouds, the Hirer agrees to the following conditions:
    (a) No dog is allowed at Clouds without the Owners’ consent.
    (b) There shall be no more than two dogs at any time.
(c) All dogs shall be kept under strict control at all times whilst on the property and must not cause annoyance to neighbours in any way including excessive barking, digging up of property, attacking or harassing other dogs etc.
(d) Clouds' lawn is fragile - it is largely on sand.  To protect it, & especially to prevent lawn-burn caused by canine pee, all dogs must be released on the drive side of the house first thing in the morning, last at night and regularly during the day. Owners are required by law to pick up dog mess on the dunes, for which a special 'Smelly Bin' is provided next to the drive.  Similarly, any fouling of lawns, paths etc. shall be cleared up and properly disposed of without delay, and any fouling which remains at the property at the end of the holiday not cleared up by the Hirer shall be charged at £35 per mess. 
(e) Each dog must come with its own bed to lie on/sleep in and must sleep in the utility room. A water bowl, feeding dish and suitable containers in which to store dog food must also be provided by the hirer.
(f) No dog shall ever be left in the property unattended or in a place liable to overheat.
(g) No dog is allowed in bedrooms (there is a dog gate on the stairs to prevent them following guests upstairs) or on chairs or settees or any furniture whatsoever.
    (h) Dog hair and any marks left on any surface or material must be properly cleaned before departure or a charge may be levied for extra cleaning & the cost of any consequential impact.


    The security deposit will normally be refunded to the hirer within 14 days of departure (usually much sooner) provided that the house is left in proper condition, with rubbish/recycling properly sorted and without damage to the property including its grounds, contents, fixtures or fittings.  In which case the refund may be delayed and a charge raised against it for exceptional work, repairs, returns or any cost incurred by the Owner to ensure the property is properly prepared for the next guests within the normal time-frame for changeover. 


    Please note that the security deposit does not limit liability to damages. If the damage claim exceeds the security deposit paid, then the Hirer is required to settle this within 7 days of being notified of the total amount. If the Hirer is to claim the amount from any personal insurance-based scheme, then the Owners will provide all the documentation required but the claim must be settled by the Hirer personally within the seven day term. Whilst the Owners make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the property description on the website and elsewhere, the Owners shall not be held responsible for any alterations made to the property or its amenities which are beyond their reasonable control nor for the personal property (including pets), car or the car’s contents belonging to the Hirer or any member of the party during their occupancy.


    The Hirer shall pay and/or indemnify the Owners for any damage, liability, loss, cost and expenses howsoever caused as a result of a breach or non-compliance by the Hirer (or any person occupying or visiting the property at the invitation of the Hirer during the course of the rental period) with these Terms and Conditions. The law applying to this Contract will be English law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts shall apply in any dispute or claim arising out of this agreement.

Privacy Policy

  • The Hirer and Agent only collect personal information about you where it is completely necessary and with your consent for the purpose of communicating with you by telephone or email with regard to your booking or any matters arising.
  • Your personal information, together with any correspondence that may pass between us is not communicated to third parties except where necessary and in relation to your booking or any matters arising.
  • Personal information is kept private and secure with an appropriate combination of technical and organisational measures.
  • Any bank details communicated to us for the purposes of an agreed transaction are entered into the Bank’s secure system, used solely for that purpose and then removed from both the Bank and our own records.


CLOUDS & COVID-19     Please read carefully - these measures are for us all.

With the spread of the 'Delta' variant increasing, testing the efficacy of vaccines to the limit and -unfortunately, sometimes triggering  'Long Covid' neurological conditions in the young, our cleaning regime has been strengthened in accordance with local and national health guidance to include deep anti-viral cleaning processes for everyone's protection.

Numbers of Covid cases have risen sharply in Cornwall since lockdown restrictions were eased, and as hospital resources are extremely limited, in the interests of protecting the local community as well as yourselves and the staff at Clouds,  we must ask all guests please to comply with the following:

  1. Please do not arrive earlier than 4 pm to take account of the extra time required by Lowenna and her team to complete the anti-Covid cleaning processes.  For the same reason, please respect the Departure time of 9.55 am - which includes a clear drive for services and maintenance vehicles. 
  2. All members of your party should please take a lateral flow test (available free from Boots) a week before departure and a repeat within three days of departure.  If any test returns a positive, that should be followed up by a PCR test and Maggi contacted immediately on 07792 066616.  The same applies if any of you have displayed symptoms of Coronavirus within the last 7 days before departure from home, share a household with anyone that has had symptoms within the last 14 days, or have been contacted by NHS Test & Trace. Cornwall remains an extremely poor region of the UK, with very limited hospital facilities, so it is in your interest to stay at home.
  3. If during your stay one of your household displays Covid symptoms, you must please contact Maggi without delay.  They must be isolated from the rest of your party immediately, and the whole party isolate at Clouds until the situation is clarified.   (A forehead thermometer is provided for guest use). 
  4. Remember to bring your own hand sanitiser, rubber gloves for handling rubbish and recycling, and masks for shopping and other excursions.
  5. You will find our 'Sanitising Station' on arrival - (ie. Clouds special sanitiser on a table by the front door, made with rubbing alcohol, essential oil of orange  & Aloe Vera to mitigate the paint-stripper effect.) This is for use by anyone entering the house as an extra precaution, and should be used at each time of entry.  There is a stock of soap in the house for regular hand-washing.
  6. Despite restrictions having been eased, the variant spread still means that restaurants and other facilities may not be open, or may have restricted access, so be sure to book early ... but be prepared to have your careful plans altered!
  7. Clouds will be empty of leaflets, DVDs, playing cards, books and games so please bring your own.  We have also removed bed cushions and throws
  8. Extra measures on departure:  we must ask you please to...
  • Open as many windows/sliding doors (a little) as the weather allows, to fully air the house.
  • Remove all food or perishables as these cannot remain for next guests or clean team.
  • There is a stock of anti-bacterial/disinfectant cleaners under the kitchen sink and Utility cleaning cupboard, plus extra hand sanitizer for guest's use.  Please do not use bleach or scourers on any wooden surface, especially doors, shelves or the kitchen island worktop - (5/1 dilute fairy liquid does an excellent job) - nor follow Trump's advice to drink it...

And finally:

Covidian dystopia and legalese apart, we hope that you have a very happy holiday !